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Shout Box History
J4F_Phoenix : Everyone made it home and today is gaming day, right? ! ! !
06-17-2018 12:07pm
J4F_Phoenix : We are finishing preparations for trip. We will head out at midnight tomorrow night ! ! !
06-09-2018 2:07pm
J4F_Phoenix : I am up for gaming today....been without water for the week and just flat busy. call me if you get on please.
06-03-2018 2:30pm
J4F_Phoenix : Message in Forums under Members Only
05-28-2018 11:58am
J4F_Phoenix : Will be at brother in laws tomorrow afternoon. Then will be at Justin Timberlake concert on Monday evening. Will try and game tomorrow night as well as Monday during the day.
05-27-2018 12:21am
J4F_DevilDog : I,m right here. Where are you?
05-26-2018 11:15am
J4f_Xray_girl : Where is everybody?!
05-25-2018 9:26pm
J4F_Phoenix : Typing this from new computer. I am installing and working through a couple of issues. Vent is not one of them ! ! !
05-19-2018 1:46pm
J4F_DevilDog : Who is this?
05-14-2018 8:31pm
J4F_Phoenix : New computer should be here Friday the 18th. Happy, will I be ! ! !
05-14-2018 7:35pm
J4F_Phoenix : Thats cool Frosty, thaniks for sharing.
05-06-2018 10:50am
J4F_Frosty : Previous url is for a laps for leukemia live youtube channel. They are doing 1500 laps in 24 hours, virtual racing. check it out.
05-05-2018 12:04pm
J4F_Frosty : [URL]
05-05-2018 12:03pm
j4f_frosty : UH? Download steam, install steam, download programs, play games.... Worry about all that other crap later. Come On lets game.....
04-29-2018 4:01pm
J4F_Phoenix : Computer came in but Falcon and I will not be able to clone things over or get it up and running with everything util the 12th of May. In the meantime, I will still be on the old machine. The new one is massively big. It has wheels to roll it stands very tall on my desk. Thinking of a new desk in the near future. No, it won't fit under it or go next to the existing desk.
04-28-2018 9:00pm
J4F_Frosty : put borderlands 2 key codes in forum, General Topics
02-26-2018 5:45pm
J4F_Phoenix : Hey Guys, Been busy with the move at work. 15 days straight going to work to get things set up and so forth. Hope to game later today.
01-28-2018 1:12pm
J4F_Frosty : changed the shoutbox to only be visible to users.
01-13-2018 4:26pm
J4F_Frosty : change of plans for tonight, friends bailed on us, its going to be a gaming night. woo Hoo !!!!!
12-31-2017 5:35pm
J4F_DevilDog : Somehow I,m still offended.
12-11-2017 4:20pm
J4F_Phoenix : Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and all the other well wishes that exist out there so nobody is offended! ! !
12-10-2017 3:43pm
J4F_DevilDog : Happy Holidays All!!!
12-05-2017 3:17am
J4F_Phoenix : Hey everyone, message in the forums under members.....need lots of input.
10-18-2017 10:54am
J4f_Nightwolf : give me a bed and ill come help ya.. its just a days drive away...
08-30-2017 6:43pm
J4F_DevilDog : Who is this? Identify youself. lol
08-19-2017 12:11pm
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