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Shout Box History
J4F_Phoenix : Hey Guys, Been busy with the move at work. 15 days straight going to work to get things set up and so forth. Hope to game later today.
01-28-2018 12:12pm
J4F_Frosty : changed the shoutbox to only be visible to users.
01-13-2018 3:26pm
J4F_Frosty : change of plans for tonight, friends bailed on us, its going to be a gaming night. woo Hoo !!!!!
12-31-2017 4:35pm
J4F_DevilDog : Somehow I,m still offended.
12-11-2017 3:20pm
J4F_Phoenix : Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and all the other well wishes that exist out there so nobody is offended! ! !
12-10-2017 2:43pm
J4F_DevilDog : Happy Holidays All!!!
12-05-2017 2:17am
J4F_Phoenix : Hey everyone, message in the forums under members.....need lots of input.
10-18-2017 9:54am
J4f_Nightwolf : give me a bed and ill come help ya.. its just a days drive away...
08-30-2017 5:43pm
J4F_DevilDog : Who is this? Identify youself. lol
08-19-2017 11:11am
J4F_Phoenix : I am going to game with you guys this weekend. I have been busy and doing things that needed doing. Will look for you guys later tonight. Hope all and everyone is well ! !
08-19-2017 10:04am
J4F_DevilDog : Hey Hey Good to hear from you! Good luck with the job search.
08-05-2017 4:10pm
J4F_Phoenix : Sorry for the leave of absence my friends. Been searching jobs and sending resumes and working on house. Only one man and so much man's work to do. When Blake gets finished being a dad and back to work, have him extend a week and come help me ! ! ! I am sure he will be well rested up ! After all it is just the cutest little baby girl in the world, that sleeps all nite.
08-05-2017 12:03pm
J4F_DevilDog : Where has Phoenix been?
07-17-2017 6:22pm
J4F_DevilDog : Friends as in plural?
06-21-2017 9:13pm
J4F_Phoenix : FREAKING Tropical Storm Cindy is a F*** her I will still have fun ! ! ! With my friends ! ! !
06-21-2017 6:07pm
j4f_frosty : Weather is not looking good for Galveston. WTF, Phoenix you were supposed to have this all taken care of.
06-20-2017 8:59am
J4F_DevilDog : Was wondering bout you. Good to hear from you.
04-07-2017 6:52pm
The_G-Man : I'm still alive guys. Just been super busy with school. Hope to get back on with you guys sometime soon.
04-07-2017 1:20pm
J4F_Phoenix : Happy Anniversary to my Gaming clan......started in 2004. WOW......I, for one, am so glad to have met each of you and been through so much and we are still standing ! ! ! Lots of Love and Support ! ! !
04-01-2017 10:20am
j4f_frosty : check out blackwake on youtube, some of that is hilarious. [URL]
02-28-2017 2:17pm
The_G-Man : Has anyone checked out Blackwake? If Insurgency doesn't fix itself, that might be a game worth looking at...
02-27-2017 12:47pm
J4F_Phoenix :
02-17-2017 10:41pm
j4f_frosty :
02-17-2017 10:40pm
j4f_frosty : obviously Phoenix has been doing some cleaning. This is why we can't have nice things.
02-17-2017 10:38pm

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